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Scratching the Furniture

All cats like to scratch – it feels good, stretches out their muscles and sharpens the claws. Sadly our sofas can be perfect for the job. They are nice and sturdy – cats don’t like scratching anything that feels unstable. They are made of coarse material that shreds off easily – they like to mark […]


Cats meow to bring attention to themselves and some cats will continue explaining their issue or need until it’s met. Whilst it may be nice to have your cat meow and wrap themselves around your feet, a constant stream of noise quickly becomes tiresome. If your cat is meowing relentlessly, consider the possibility that she is […]

Litter Training Problems

Sometimes, cats stop using the litter tray and instead leave little surprises elsewhere. This is upsetting for you if they have previously been litter trained and this is a new behaviour. It is necessary to investigate possible reasons for the change in behaviour. Why Have They Stopped? If your cat used to be happy to […]

Introducing New Cats

Cats tend not to like changes to their environment very much. Introducing new cats into another’s territory can be a stressful experience for both of them, but with a little time most cats will appreciate a companion, playmate and help in guarding their territory. It can take up to a year for cats to trust […]

Dealing with Fighting Cats

Cats will argue with each other, despite their general loving relationship. This is normal and they will get over it. However, if your cats are continuously fighting, it shows there is some deeper issue going on. Here are a few steps to help bring peace to the home. Investigate the Cause Sometimes, something as obscure […]

Dealing With Feline Stress

Many cats don’t like change. Their personality is a mixture of experience and genetics. Some cats have high anxiety and suffer from stress as part of that personality. Some cats will just accept change whilst others struggle with all things new. If your cat does suffer from stress, there are things you can do to […]

Litter Training a New Kitten

Cats are constantly grooming and as such are naturally clean. This makes litter training relatively easy. Remember, your kitten will want to toilet somewhere out of the way, somewhere clean, and in a material where they can bury it. Ask the breeder or shelter what type of litter they were using. The cat will be […]

Kitten Nutrition

Many food choices are available and it can be confusing, but here are a few simple ideas on what to look for when it comes to your cat’s food: Choose a food that is designed to suit their age and size. Kittens have different nutritional needs to adults, whilst specific breeds may also have different […]

Choosing a Kitten From The Litter

Many people believe their pet chose them. Others may be looking for a specific breed with particular markings. Whatever brings a new kitten into your life, you are bound for an exciting adventure together. All kittens in the litter should appear healthy. They should be round, with soft stomachs and no ribs showing. Eyes and […]

Bringing Home Your New Kitten

Picking up your new kitten is exciting for everyone, except maybe the kitten, who is going to be confused by the change. There are many ways you can make the transition easier and ensure that your kitten settles quickly. Place the kitten in a pet carrier for the journey home. As tempting as it may […]