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Kitty Walkies

It is possible to teach your cat to walk on a lead, and it’s a great way to get them safely out of the house. It’s important to start slowly, to get them used to the feeling, or they may be put off for life. Cats do not look like dogs when walking. They may […]

Indoor or Outdoor?

Indoor cats can live just as a fulfilling lives as outdoor cats, without the numerous risks to their health and safety. Many cat owners to let their cat outside during the day, so they can roam the yard and lock them securely inside at night. This eliminates nocturnal hunting and protects native wildlife. Cats who […]

Interactive Feeders

Using a puzzle feeder is a great way to keep your cat entertained, have them work for their food and satisfy their hunting instincts. By having a few different ones and rotating them, you can make sure they never get bored.   Some examples of these interactive feeders are listed below: Kong Wobbler – featuring a cat […]

Cat Games

Cats love to play. The games cats like to play are based on their hunting sequence – the hiding, stalking, pouncing and killing that happens when they are chasing a mouse or a bird. Pouncing Games – cats love to pounce and it’s a natural thing for them to do. Use a ball or crumpled […]

Cutting Your Cat’s Nails

Your cat will keep it’s nails short naturally. Sadly this often involves your sofa. It’s a natural instinct for cats to scratch and claw but sometimes they may need extra help to keep their nails short, especially if their claws are hurting you, a child or your sofa. Many cats freak out if you try […]

Grooming and Hair Cuts

Although cats may be excellent at keeping themselves clean and tidy, many long haired breeds need a bit of extra help. Shaving can help keep them cool and comfortable, remove the need for brushing out their long hair or reduce the amount of shedding in your home. There are some professional cat groomers, but it […]

Ears and Eyes

A dog’s ears and eyes are extremely sensitive. It is especially important to take good care of them, to avoid infections and other problems. Eyes With regular checking eyes can be an early indicator of any health problems. They should be clear, bright and clean – the windows to your dog’s soul. For long haired […]

Brushing Your Cat

Cats enjoy self grooming and will clean themselves several times a day. This means they can end up ingesting a lot of dead hair and some will develop problems with hairballs. Brushing your cat will remove a lot of that loose hair and prevent it from being either swallowed, or shed around the house. It […]

Washing Your Cat

Cats do a very good job of grooming themselves. They will lick themselves clean and the tiny barbs on their tongue will brush the fur into place too. This means that they don’t often need bathing and too much washing can actually strip the oils from their coat and make them dry and itchy. However, […]

Choosing a Cat Food

Many food choices are available, and it can be confusing. Here are a few simple ideas on what to look for, when it comes to your cats’ food: Choose a food that is designed to suit their age, size and breed. Kittens have different nutritional needs to adults, whilst specific breeds also have special requirements. […]