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Everyone knows that doggy smell that starts to hover around your pet after a while, and it’s not pleasant, no matter how much you love them. Although they don’t need bathing as much as we do, the occasional dip in the tub does some much needed good for you and your nose, particularly after a […]


A lovely smile and fresh breath is a great attribute to a healthy dog. Dogs’ teeth need brushing just like our own to avoid dental disease, and it prevents doggy breath too. Gum and periodontal disease can be extremely sore, even though most dogs will tend to hide their pain due to their wild ancestory. […]

Nail Trimming

It is all too common for even the sweetest pooch to turn into a wild ball of rage at the slightest hint that you’re going to cut their nails. Unfortunately, it is a necessary evil for most dogs, to avoid them splintering or snapping as they get too long, although many active dogs will wear […]

Hair Cuts

Even if you aren’t one for a poodle clip, lots of dogs need their hair cuts just like we do, whether for hygiene or ease of maintenance. The easiest way is to take them to a professional groomer at our Brookvale or Annandale stores. They have lots of experience and the right equipment to avoid […]

Ears and Eyes

A dog’s ears and eyes are extremely expressive and sensitive. It is especially important to take good care of them, to avoid infections and other problems. Eyes With regular checking eyes can be an early indicator of any health problems. They should be clear, bright and clean – the windows to your dog’s soul. For […]


How often you brush your dog will depend on the length and type of their coat. If you’re one of the lucky ones with a short haired dog such as a boxer, all they need is a quick rub down with a rubber brush such as Kong ZoomGroom to remove dead skin, hair and dirt, […]

Dog Park Etiquette

Dog parks can be fantastic places to supplement your dog’s daily exercise routine, as long as you are sensible and careful about when you go and who you let your dog interact with. Here are a few tips to make your walks as enjoyable and safe as possible: Try to find one in a quiet […]