Interactive Feeders

Using a puzzle feeder is a great way to keep your cat entertained, have them work for their food and satisfy their hunting instincts. By having a few different ones and rotating them, you can make sure they never get bored.


Some examples of these interactive feeders are listed below:

  1. Kong Wobbler – featuring a cat nip filled tail on the top for extra fun, your cat has to bat this toy around in order to get the food to fall out of the hole.
  2. Contempo Vena – a soft plastic toy with different shaped holes, your cat has to get the food out by pawing and batting it.
  3. Go Cat Go Play and Treat Ball – about the size of a tennis ball, it must be pushed around in order to get the food out.
  4. Pioneer Pet Tiger Diner – a circular bowl with a lid on, with small holes to fish out the food.
  5. Cat It Senses Food Maze – this toy has multiple doors, holes and corridors to paw the food from.
  6. Smart Cat Peek and Play toy box – doubling as a fun toy and game, balls roll around inside the tubes. Adding food into the mix will make it even more fun.
  7. Busy Buddy Twist and Treat – the hole size can be adjusted, to vary the difficulty for your cats to fish out food with their paws or push it around the floor.

Cat Games

Cats love to play. The games cats like to play are based on their hunting sequence – the hiding, stalking, pouncing and killing that happens when they are chasing a mouse or a bird.

  1. Pouncing Games – cats love to pounce and it’s a natural thing for them to do. Use a ball or crumpled up ball of paper and toss it past them when they are in the mood to play. They won’t be able to resist springing after and capturing it.
  2. Bird games – cats will leap up and catch birds and insects when outdoors. We suggest you mimic this with a cat wand – a solid stick with a long piece of material attached, often with a feather or small toy at the end. Waving it temptingly around in front of them may entice them to leap up and catch it.
  3. “Killing” games – Killing things is also a natural cat instinct. Providing toys with feathers, scrunchy material or fur can help to satisfy this urge.
  4. Hiding games – cats are excellent hunters, and will hide for long periods of time under bushes to wait for the perfect moment to pounce. Often with pet cats, it’s your ankles that suffer as they leap out from under beds. Use cardboard boxes and cat pods to provide them with somewhere to hide, or if you see a tail poking out from the under the bed, throw a toy before you walk past. This may save your feet and ankles from an unwanted “attack”.