Benefits of Premium Nutrition Kibble

Premium brand kibble food, is scientifically researched and carefully formulated, to provide all of your cat’s nutritional needs. There are many benefits to feeding your cat a good quality dry food:

  1. They are guaranteed to get all of the nutrients they need, so no added supplements are necessary. Formulating your own meals can be difficult and trace minerals are often missed out.
  2. It is good for their oral health, particularly dental specific formulas. The abrasive feel of the kibble cleans tartar from their teeth and some will have specially added enzymes to break it down even further.
  3. Feeding dry food is much cheaper than feeding an equivalent wet or tinned food and still contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need.
  4. Kibble is easy to store, lasts a long time and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is also easier to transport on holiday and to a boarding facility. Premium kibble use natural preservatives such as Vitamin E, so there is no danger to your pet’s health.

All of the premium dry foods come in formulas suited for the age of your cat, and are carefully balanced to provide them with everything they need. There are also holistic options which offer premium quality along with reduced grain or specific proteins from less common sources, such as duck or venison.