Benefits of Premium Nutrition Tins

Wet food from premium brands offers as much nutritional content as dry foods – no longer the ‘junk food’ of the past, for many cats, they are the favourable alternative.

  1. With the increased water content, wet food ensures your cat stays adequately hydrated. This is particularly beneficial to older cats, with a decreased renal health, or those suffering with urinary tract infections.
  2. Wet food often has a higher protein content, and fewer carbohydrates, than dry food. This means it is packed with essential nutrients and supports their muscles and bones. Premium nutrition food contains everything your pet need.
  3. They also have fewer preservatives, since they are sealed in tins or pouches which preserve them until opened.
  4. Wet food smells and tastes stronger, so for older animals with a decreased sense of smell and taste, it may encourage them to eat. This is also true for picky eaters, or if you just want to treat your cat to something good.
  5. Wet food is good for cats with health problems such as misaligned jaws, which make chewing more difficult, or for those with a sore mouth or gums. Cats with reduced snouts, such as Persians, will also benefit from wet food.
  6. There is a popular belief that wet food is bad for the cat’s teeth. However, when compared to regular dry food, there is very little difference. Only specifically designed, oral care, dry foods are clinically proven to improve dental health.