Why do fleas even exist???  No one likes the idea that their believed kitty has fleas, it causes them to groom more, which can lead to hairballs or at least scratch themselves in some cases leading to skin irritation.

Know Your Enemy
It’s a fairly gross concept but it is true most fleas are in the environment and not on your cat.  At any point in time, only 5% of the flea population in your house is actively on your cat. This means that if you treat them and kill 20 fleas, there are still 400 ready to jump back on.

Not only that, but 50% of the flea population is still in egg form. These are resistant to flea products, and will hatch in approximately 2 weeks. So once you think you have got the problem under control, a whole new population will emerge ready to fight.

Treat the Environment First
That is why it’s so important to treat the whole house and not just your pet. Start by vacuuming – you will remove a great deal of eggs, larvae and adults this way. Along the baseboards, all over and under the furniture, and any bedding. Be extremely thorough and you’ve won half the battle.

Once you are finished, use a flea product designed for inside. You can use any bomb, fogger or aerosol, designed to kill fleas. Make sure that the product reaches under the furniture too.

Keep Up to Date
Now you can start to treat your pet. There are many products available, so it’s easy to choose one to suit you both. Using them regularly will make sure that those eggs that hatch never get a chance.

Monthly tablets or chews are quick and easy, and are extremely effective.

If your cat is fussy about what goes in their mouth, try a spot on treatment. These will also kill fleas for up to a month, and simply have to be placed on the back of their neck. Just remember, no baths for 24 hours before or after or you’ll lose its effectiveness.   Please note:  The spot on treatment called Advantix is toxic to cats, it can only be used on dogs.  If you also have a dog, and use this product, please separate your animals when applying and for a few hours after, especially if your cat and dog play together.

Flea control sprays or rinses last for a long time, if you have a particularly obliging cat. Frontline spray will last for 2 months without having to be reapplied.

Alternatively, there are products that will control fleas, worms and other parasites in combination, to make your parasite control much easier.

Preventing Reinfestation
Every time your cat pops out of the cat flap, he is susceptible to picking up more fleas. There are fast knockdown treatments available that will kill adult fleas on your cat.

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