Grooming and Hair Cuts

Although cats may be excellent at keeping themselves clean and tidy, many long haired breeds need a bit of extra help. Shaving can help keep them cool and comfortable, remove the need for brushing out their long hair or reduce the amount of shedding in your home.

There are some professional cat groomers, but it is likely to be a very stressful experience for your cat. Most vet clinics will lightly sedate them before they are shaved, which makes for a much more pleasant experience for them.

Common Cuts

  • Hygiene clip – the hair around the bottom and feet will be trimmed to avoid dirt becoming trapped, but the rest of the coat will be left. Good if you love your cat’s long fur but they are struggling to keep themselves clean around that area, or for senior cats.
  • All over clip –your cat will be trimmed all over to the same length, varying from as short as 1mm to up to 5cm. The easiest and cleanest clip, keeps them nice and cool during summer and make tick searches much easier.
  • Lion Cut – a tip on the tail, paws and lion like mane are left, but the rest of the body is shaved. You can keep some of the look of the breed that you like, without having them long all over.
  • Belly clip – the hair around the lower chest, belly and bottom is removed, but everything else is left. Common in Persians, this allows the cat to lose a bit of heat and keeps their underside clean, whilst maintaining the luxurious coat.