Joints and Arthritis

Senior Cats – Joints and Arthritis

Cats bodies are designed to jump, and so they are very resilient, and pretty tough, but time is rarely kind to anyone, and even your cat can get sore joints and even arthritis.  If your cat has sore joints or arthritis there are many things you can do to make them more comfortable and relieve some of the soreness.

Around the House

  1. Make sure that their bed is in a warm place, and with lots of padding and cushioning to protect their joints,
  2. If you have slippery floors, put down non-skid mats or runners, and keep their nails nice and short, this allows them to grip the floor better.
  3. Use ramps up and down from furniture and other place they like to sleep.
  4. Raise their bowl up off from the floor, so that they do not have to bend to reach. For slippery floors, get a bowl with a non-slip bottom so they aren’t chasing it around the floor.
  5. If they are particularly sore, block their access to stairs so that they can’t exacerbate their joints with a gate.
  6. If your once outside cat has become too stiff to take themselves out to the toilet, consider investing in a Pet Loo.  Alternatively, use a litter box with low sides.
  7. Sore cats will often be unable to reach all of their coat to groom themselves. Invest some time with a brush to help them feel comfortable.
  8. There are many supplements that will help with joint health and well being, and most come in powder or chew forms that can be used as a treat or sprinkled over their dinner. Look for a product that contains glucosamine and chondroitin; two ingredients that are clinically proven to reduce inflammation.
  9. Provide several sources of drinking water so that they don’t have to travel a long way for a drink. Sore cats often won’t move until they have to, which leaves them susceptible to urinary infections.
  10. Feed them a good quality, complete food designed for joint health.
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