Nutrition for Dental Health

Constantly foul breath is a sign of tooth decay, which can lead to many different issues, including heart, liver and kidney disease. Bad teeth can also make it difficult for your cat to eat. Luckily, choosing a food designed for oral care is one of the easiest ways to make sure your pet has clean teeth and a pain free mouth. There are 3 ways that dental food will help curb plaque and tartar:

  1. Added enzymes – helping to remove plaque and prevent more from binding. Keep an eye out in the ingredients for sodium hexametaphosphate or tripolyphosphate.
  2. Cross woven fibre particles – which scrape plaque and tartar off the teeth each time your cat bites.
  3. Large and unique shape – these encourage more chewing, as well as making sure the tooth is encased as they bite down.

There are a number of good quality dental kibbles available. Visit one of our stores and let us further explain the benefits. For additional ideas about how to look after your cat’s teeth, have a look at our article ‘Cat Dental Health’.