Scratching the Furniture

All cats like to scratch – it feels good, stretches out their muscles and sharpens the claws. Sadly our sofas can be perfect for the job.

  • They are nice and sturdy – cats don’t like scratching anything that feels unstable.
  • They are made of coarse material that shreds off easily – they like to mark their territory in vertical scores, in a material they can dig their nails into.
  • They are nice and high – cats like to be able to stretch their whole body when they scratch.
  • They are usually situated in a busy area of the house – cats like their scratch marks to be visible for territory reasons.

You cannot get a cat to stop scratching. What you can do, is redirect the scratching towards something suitable, that they are allowed to scratch. The alternative scratching area needs to be as appealing as your furniture. This means ensuring it fits all the criteria listed above – sturdy, high enough to stretch on, in a busy area of the house and made of tempting material.

There are lots of climbing trees and scratching posts available at PetO, so you are sure to find one that fits your needs. From high climbing towers that double as a place of rest and escape, to scratching boards that hang from the door handle to get the required height, the range is extensive. To encourage your cat to use it, place it close to where they are already scratching and try rubbing a little catnip into it to make it smell more appealing to them. You can also make current scratching objects a little less appealing, by scenting them with “no scratch” sprays or covering them with double sided tape.

If they are still reluctant to use their new scratching post, try to associate it with lots of good things. Feed treats around it, or serve dinner there. Try and encourage play around it, chasing a string and stimulating the cat to start scratching. Over time they will start to love it and see it as their own personal place.