Senior Cat Nutrition

As cats get older, their nutritional needs begin to change.

Choosing the right food can relieve many of the symptoms of ageing and keep your cat fit and healthy for years to come.

  • Getting older usually results in a slower metabolism, and less mobility. Older cats are more prone to putting on weight, which can in turn make for sore and aching joints. Senior cat foods will have fewer calories, less fat and more joint support ingredients.
  • Digestive irregularities are common in older cats, so a food with fibre, prebiotics and antioxidants, can help soothe an upset tummy.
  • Dental disease can become a problem with age. Some senior cat foods contain dental benefits to keep their mouth healthy, as well as ensuring they are easy to chew.
  • Joint health becomes more important in older cats. Food with fatty acids, glucosamine and chondroitin will help alleviate joint inflammation.
  • Bladder and kidney health often dwindles with age. A food that is low in phosphorus can help support these sensitive organs.