Basic Puppy Care

Here are some basic things to consider before bringing home your puppy:

Nutrition – start your puppy out on whatever they were eating before they came home.   After a week or so, you can start to transition them on to your chosen diet. If you change your puppies diet too quickly, it may cause them to get an upset tummy..

Puppies need to eat a specific puppy food to support their growing bodies. Depending on if they are a large or small breed, they will need different nutrition – pick a food that is designed specifically for their size. This can prevent many future health problems.  For example, a large breed dog such as a Great Dane needs a specific protein level to maintain both it’s rapid growth and slower then average metabolism, where as a Jack Russell Terrier needs a different level of protein and some slow burning carbs to fuel it’s high energy levels.

Vaccinations – Puppies need 3 vaccinations to protect them against preventable diseases. They should occur at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks.

Parasite control  – They will also need some parasite control against worms, ticks and fleas. Most of these products are safe to give to puppies from 8 weeks.  Puppies require intestinal worming more frequently then older dogs

Please see one of our store team members, for appropriate parasite control recommendations.