Bringing Home Your New Puppy

When the time comes to go and pick up your new little family member, it’s exciting for everyone, except maybe the puppy. We need to remember that we have taken him away from his siblings and mother. New home, new people, new toys, new dishes, a collar we didn’t have before, the list goes on. There are lots of ways you can make the transition as easy as possible for your puppy and let him know he is safe and loved.

  1. On the way home, stop as frequently as possible for ‘’pee’ breaks – puppies cannot hang on.
  2. Make sure you puppy is in a safe place, such as a crate or pet carrier.
  3. When you arrive, let your puppy explore the house at their own pace, without too many people around. Other pets should be kept away, initially.
  4. Close doors or block off any part of your house where you would prefer the puppy not to go.
  5. Have lots of toys available to play with and encourage your puppy to chew and tug on them with you.
  6. If you have decided on a name, then say it excitedly whilst puppy is exploring the house. Reward every time there is a response and your puppy will soon learn what it means.
  7. At this point you will also need to take your puppy outside to an area you would like them to go to the toilet. A puppy attaches to a particular surface, usually the one it first goes on after coming to it’s new home. He will prefer to go on that surface, so if you want the toilet area to be grass for example, then keep taking your puppy to grass and rewarding.
  8. After a few hours, your puppy will need a nap and should have a nice quiet and confined area to sleep in. A crate is a great tool for training growing puppies and is a safe and comfortable place. Remember, puppies will usually need to go to the toilet after sleeping.
  9. When you reach dinnertime, just give a small meal. Make sure to have the same food that your puppy was eating before so that you don’t upset his stomach. If you have something else in mind, you can always transition to it later.
  10. Surviving the night can be a tricky part – puppies are just like young children. If you let the out of the crate or into your bedroom every time you hear a whimper, you may start to make the problem worse. But, if your puppy has been quiet all night and then starts to whine suddenly, it could be he needs to go to the toilet.
  11. Some people use various methods to settle a puppy, from a warm (not hot) heating pad to leaving music on softly. Take an old towel with you when collecting your puppy and rub it on Mum and/or litter siblings. This towel can be placed in the puppy’s sleeping area to provide comfort.