Despite what many people might think, chronic doggy breath is not normal. Nor is it something your dog needs to live with. Doggy breath can be a sign of rotting teeth, as well as gum and periodontal disease. There are breeds of dogs, especially smaller breeds, which are predisposed to teeth issues, but it can happen to any dog, at any age. Choosing the right food products for your dog at a young age, can reap long term benefits. There are numerous reasons for doggy breath, including genetic predisposition and breed. There are also many ways you can help your dogs breath smell sweeter.

Here are some of them:

  • The number one way to keep your pets teeth clean is to brush them, just as your brush your own. Use a double sided toothbrush and a specially designed doggy toothpaste, and begin very slowly. At first, just some toothpaste on the finger and rubbing it around the gums for a few seconds will be all they can tolerate. But, with a little patience, treats and building up slowly, eventually you should be able to brush their whole mouth.
  • Daily dental chews are a fantastic way to help clean their teeth. One after meals will dislodge all the food and leave them with a clean mouth.
  • Raw bones will also have the same effect. Many dogs can occupy themselves for a long time chewing away.
  • Soluble products can be added to their drinking water, which contain enzymes that will help remove tartar build up.
  • There are also dry foods designed for your dogs oral care. These foods will contain cross-woven fibres that clean the teeth as they are chewed,  along with tartar removing enzymes.
  • An annual dental check up at the vets will keep them in tip top shape. If you have become behind on your oral care, a cleaning may be necessary to bring their mouth back into perfect health.

For more information about how to best care for your dogs teeth and gums, please talk to one of our store team members