Hair Cuts

Even if you aren’t one for a poodle clip, lots of dogs need their hair cuts just like we do, whether for hygiene or ease of maintenance. The easiest way is to take them to a professional groomer at our Brookvale or Annandale stores. They have lots of experience and the right equipment to avoid all the trauma of doing it yourself.

Common Cuts

  • Hygiene clip – the hair around the eyes, bottom and feet will be trimmed to avoid dirt becoming trapped, but the rest of the coat will be left. Good if you love your dog’s long fur but don’t want to have to bath them all the time.
  • All over clip –your dog will be trimmed all over to the same length, varying from as short as 1mm to up to 5cm. The easiest and cleanest clip.
  • Breed specific – you can look up the breed standard for your dogs to see what it looks like, but groomers will know the breed specific clip for your pet. This can make them look very tidy and professional, but depending on the breed will require some upkeep from you as well.
  • Requests – discuss with your groomer exactly what you would like, and they can do pretty much anything. If you like their long tail and beard but want a shorter clip on the body for cleanliness, then simply ask for it. Experiment until you find something that suits both you and your dog.

Doing it Yourself

If you don’t mind the time and effort it is possible to buy clippers and do it yourself. Not as easy as you might think, it might be wise to invest in a grooming school. Although your dog won’t mind, a silly looking haircut will take a while to grow back!

The Clippers

Invest in some good quality clippers, and take good care of them. Buying cheaper ones or leaving them clogged with hair and oil will lead to dulling the blades and getting them caught in the coat, and it makes everything a lot harder. Have them regularly sharpened and oiled to keep them working well.

Wash First

Always brush, wash and dry your dog first. A dirty and oily dog will blunt the blades extremely quickly, and clippers cannot work in damp fur.

Keep Them Cool

The blades can often get very hot without you realising, and begin to feel uncomfortable or hurt your poor pooch. A lubricant/cooler can help to lengthen the time they can be used. Make sure to regularly check the blades aren’t too hot.


It is easy to trap the skin of the dog between the teeth of the blades, so never trim towards the eyes or around the edge of the ears with electric clippers. You can use blunt ended scissors with your fingers covering the skin, instead.

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