Picky Eaters

There is nothing worse than having to try and persuade your dog to eat. It’s not uncommon with a fussy eater to end up with a dog that needs a special dinner cooking every night. Here are some simple steps to start your puppy eating again:

  • Generally, picky eating stems from concerned owners mixing in tastier food when they refuse to eat.
  • It may be that you’re feeding your dog too often. Many dogs only need feeding once a day. They are designed to eat large meals infrequently, rather than little and often.
  • Pick up any uneaten food after 15 minutes. If they know they can come back to it later, they may hang out in case something tastier is coming.
  • You can try different brands of food to see if your dog prefers them, but the dog needs to trial a food with no other option available, before it can be said that he will not eat it or it does not agree with him.