Games To Play With Your Dog

Playing games is the best way to create a bond with your dog and tire him out.

Hide and Seek

This game can strengthen your recall skills and creates the opportunity to reward him with his favourite treats. Start with a small handful of Chunky Liver. Give a couple of pieces to your dog on the floor, while he eats it, sneak away. Once you’ve hidden, call your dog. When your dog finds you act very excited and give him half of the Chunky Liver treats, and go hide again. When you run out of treats, end the game or reload for round two!

Can you bring

This a name-association game. Have a handful of Liver treats and a couple of toys that are different visually for the dog. Use a tug rope and a tennis ball to start.

Say “Can you bring the … ball?” and then bounce the ball for your dog to catch. When he brings the ball, give him some liver treats.

Now try the rope. Say “Can you bring the ….rope?” and toss the rope. When he returns reward with treats.

As he progresses sit each toy on the floor at an equal distance away from your dog. Say “Can you bring the …..ball?” When he is successful reward heavily with Liver! If he is unsuccessful, quietly take the toy, thank him for trying, and place that toy back on the floor and try again, once he is correct, go crazy with praise and liver treats.

Follow the leader

Begin with your clicker and by filling your pockets up with small tasty treats like Fit n Flash Chicken pieces. Walk slowly away from your dog, as he follows “click” and feed him some treats. As his confidence grows, walk more quickly, as he matches your pace, “click” and reward. Gradually add challenges like changing directions suddenly and halting. For each success “click” and reward.


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