Toilet Training

Your new puppy is going to have an accident in your house. Puppies cannot hang on and they need to go frequently. Once they have gone in one area, they will keep returning to the same spot. The easiest way to quickly house train your puppy, is to restrict the area they have to move around in, either with the use of a crate, exercise pen or confinement in a small area of the house such as the laundry or bathroom.

It is important to take them outside or to the designated toileting area as often as possible.

  • Before and after bedtime
  • After eating, as this will put pressure on their bladder
  • After a play session – this is the time that many people will miss, but whilst playing they will forget about it until they suddenly realise they need to go right now!
  • After being confined
  • At least every 2 hours

Crate training can be very useful. Your puppy will not want to toilet near his bed. This teaches them to hang on, but you need to be quick in removing them from the crate and taking them outside. If they don’t go, back into the crate to try again in half an hour. Habit is everything with dogs, and over time they will start to take themselves outside.  It is useful to place the puppy in an area you would like them to go, when you do take them outside, as this will create a habit, and they will return to this area. When your puppy goes outside, then reward them with either verbal praise or a treat. This will reinforce the behaviour, and make peeing outside happen sooner.

Cleaning Up

If your puppy has an accident, it is important to thoroughly clean the spot where they have soiled. The smell can trigger an impulse in the puppy to go again. It is best to use a urine specific cleaning product, many household cleaners have the reverse effect. They actually make the puppy want to go in that spot, as household cleaners will not break down urine enzymes.

Achieving a Toilet Trained Adult

Accidents happen, and just when you have had a few days accident free they may toilet inside again. When your puppy does go inside, it is best not scold them. If you catch them in the act, take them outside to their specified pee area. If you don’t catch them, then scolding them will be really confusing and can cause toilet training to take longer. If you are slowly but surely improving, you are doing well.